We Specialize in the below Tech Talent Services

IT Contract Staffing

Our IT Contract Staffing (Staff Augmentation), connects businesses with top IT talent that can propel client’s projects to success. This service provides you with the flexibility, expertise, and agility required to meet your organization’s evolving IT needs. This type of staffing can be ideal for businesses that need to quickly ramp up their IT capabilities, or those that need additional resources for a specific period of time, or those companies which need us to manage VISA, local PAYROLL and COMPLIANCE specific to each GEO.

IT Direct Hire

Our IT Direct Hire (Placement Hiring), Leverage our expertise to find the perfect fit for your permanent IT positions, from entry-level to executive roles.

Project-Based Staffing

Our Project-Based Staffing, Engage specialized IT professionals for short-term projects, ensuring project success without long-term commitments. We have in-house, experienced resources who can be mapped to your project from our ODC Centres.

ODC Service

Our ODC Service enables your offshore business dedicated and efficient & fully-equipped office environment and flexible cost options to support your offshore operations seamlessly. With our ODC service, you can establish a productive and cost-effective offshore presence without the hassle and expense of setting up and managing your own office. This service is equipped with Hiring Right Talent, Manage the Payroll, Provide the Office Space, Ready to use infrastructure and enables cost, scalability

Mobility Service

Our Mobility (VISA / Payroll / Secondment ) Services Navigating the complexities of international workforce management can be challenging for businesses operating across borders. At SMI Technology LLC, we offer a comprehensive range of VISA, Payroll, Mobility, and Secondment services to simplify the process and ensure compliance with local regulations. Our expertise in global mobility solutions allows you to focus on your core business while we take care of the administrative and legal aspects of managing an international workforce. This service enable you to deploy your employees to different countries at ease.

Why SMI Technology?

We Solve the Human Capital Challenges in The Digital Transformation Age

Local Presence, Global Coverage

UAE based and owned Global network of clients and partners.

  • Active in 30 Countries
  • Part of a 16 years old Business Group

Holistic Human Capital Service

  • Weare solely focused on Human 
  • UnlimitedShort Term & Long Term visa capability
  • Single Sign ON
    • Single point of contact, single point of Contract.
    • Onevendor,Complete servi Recruitment, Employee hosting, EOR, Payroll Outsource, ODC, Technology consulting and services.
  • Dedicated HR/PRO for specific projects
  • Quota Management at ease
  • SLA Owned Visa Services


  • We are a Technology Driven organization, all our services are technology-based and driven
  • Our Team is highly recognized professionals in their field.

Value Proposition

End to End Digital Sourcing & Staffing

VISA, Quota and Payroll Capability across GCC and Other GEOs

GIG Market Engagement

100% Compliance Driven

Delivery Owned Services

Dedicated HR and PRO

SLA Owned VISA Services

Single Sign ON Partner for Multi GEOs.

Resource Readiness

30 + Recruiters