Offshore Software Development Company

At SMI, we have a dedicated team of software developers with proven expertise across technology stacks and industries. We work with you at all stages of the development process and can provide you with pieces of code tailored to your needs. You will be able to work directly with the developer on any issue.

Offshore Software Development Team

As a leading offshore software development company, SMI thrives on innovation and customer satisfaction. Our expert team of professionals has developed customized software solutions for various business domains. Each software product is unique only to the customer’s requirements. Thus if you are interested to customize your software, we can help you create a solution that can meet all your expectations.

  • As part of that, we are willing to communicate about the expertise of our developers.
  • We have a flexible team with a wide range of skills
  • On a weekly or monthly basis, transparent time reporting.
  • Your offshore software development team will work at the most affordable price


Offshore Software Development Services

Offshore developers have a wealth of experience in handling different aspects of tech projects, from building and implementing to support and testing. Their combination of technical and soft skills makes them uniquely qualified to take on your project and see it through to completion.

The offshore software development services are a must-have for all businesses to develop their innovative products and solutions faster, cost-effectively, and better.

By outsourcing custom software development services from an offshore IT provider, you save your time and resources and get top-class software, effectively solving your business problems.

Custom Software Development

We offer custom software development and services for small to medium-sized enterprises.

Custom Software Development

We are able to develop customised solutions that satisfy each client’s particular needs.

Software QA And Testing

We provide a full range of test automation services and evaluate the functionality of your product.

Software Migration & Upgrade

If you want to migrate your existing Software to other platforms or upgrade its present version.

Hire Software Teams

You can hire dedicated software developers having extensive experience in developing enterprise-grade solutions.

Software Support & Maintenance

we provide complete software maintenance services(AMC) and support to our customers.


Offshore Dedicated Team Model

There’s an increasingly popular trend of outsourcing software development to offshore companies that have expertise in this field. In the dedicated software development team model, a business will hire an individual or a group of software developers from an outsourcing company. A project manager on site who is hired directly by the client oversees the team and ensures that each member adheres to a strict set of quality policies and procedures. The engineers will complete tasks according to documented requirements for specifications provided by their clients so as to produce high-quality code and meet deadlines.