SMI for Cross Platform Mobile App Development?

Based on your requirements, we take your basic research and develop a market-ready app. We start by visualizing the app concept and composing architecture based on your business needs.

Cross Platform App Development Company

We take your existing and future business needs and create an app solution that serves those needs. We develop your unique app from start to finish, so you can focus on product and company growth. We help you define the features and functionality for a new app based on your needs, then build it from scratch by visualizing your concept and composing architecture according to target platforms and business rules. From there we provide ongoing support including app store releases and on-demand enhancements.

  • Specialized Team of Experts
  • The Transparent Approach
  • Customized Solution
  • Fast Developing Process
  • Latest Framework & Accelerators


Cross Platform Mobile Development Services

Cross-platform Mobile App Development is a perfect solution for companies that face budget or time constraints. Such an approach guarantees you the shortest time to market with the final product being simultaneously released on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

SMI offers a hybrid approach to cross-platform mobile application development. The first step involves designing your app from scratch and then developing it from the ground up. We will help you build an iOS or Android app that fits your specific business requirements and targets.

React Native

One of the most popular cross-platform app frameworks is react native. A codebase can share up to 80% of its content between platforms.

React Native

Flutter is a cross-platform, open source framework that is free to use for building native interfaces for Android and iOS.


Phone Gap is One of the best cross-platform frameworks for mobile development. Through the use of current web technologies, it creates outstanding apps.


Ionic is one of the most outstanding and very well cross-platform app frameworks, based on AngularJS.

Empowering Your Business Through Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Cross platform mobile app development is one of the most popular methods for creating mobile apps today. By using a cross-platform development tool like react, or flutter, businesses can develop their apps once and deploy them to multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and others. This can save businesses a significant amount of time and money, as they don’t have to develop separate versions of their app for each platform. In addition, cross-platform apps tend to be more reliable and consistent.

  • Increasing the Target Audience’s Access.
  • Cost of Development Reduced Low
  • Quicker Deployment and Maintenance
  • Reusable Code.
  • Simple cloud integration.


How Cross Platform Mobile App Development Benefits Your Business

Developing a cross platform mobile app has many benefits for businesses. For starters, it allows businesses to reach a wider audience, as people with different types of mobile devices can use the app. Additionally, Another benefit of cross platform mobile app development is that it can help businesses to save time. This is because cross platform apps can be developed more quickly than apps for specific devices, as there is no need to create separate versions for each type of device.

Simple integration of the cloud

For hosting services, Cross Platform may be quickly linked with the cloud. Because the same code source can work with various extensions and plug-ins, the application is now more functional and scalable.

Consistency of Design

Users are able to quickly recognize the components of user interfaces and anticipate upcoming interactions across multiple platforms. UX is therefore one of the factors to take into account for each program.

Supports Several Platforms

Developers may develop and release apps simultaneously on multiple app stores since they do not need to create separate programs for distinct platforms.

Reusable Code

The ideal approach for any application development is to have a single source code. Moreover, the reality of developers can reuse this code is a massive bonus.

Bespoke Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Bespoke cross-platform mobile app development means that your company will no longer have to spend more time and money developing for multiple platforms. A custom mobile app that includes features for all popular smartphone and tablet operating systems will be created by our team of developers, ensuring that your product reaches the widest customer base possible in the shortest amount of time.

At our company, we take your great ideas and turn them into amazing apps by using only the best and most innovative technologies. This allows us create top-notch, cross-platform web and mobile apps fast and effectively. For example, our skilled team of developers can create apps that are native to both iOS and Android devices. Then, we’re always focused on delivering an amazing user experience through high quality and performance.