SMI for Database Migration services?

Data migration is the process of moving data from one or multiple data sources to other appropriate destinations. At SMI, we offer expert data migration services that will help you move your data seamlessly and securely. With our support, you’ll be able to freely choose which options best suit your specific needs—and deploy them quickly!

Database Migration Services

Data migration services are used to help you smoothly transfer large data volumes from a historical system to a new one. We have experience executing data migration from legacy applications to the cloud, from legacy enterprise platforms to modernized or new solutions, and from disparate systems to a unified database.


AWS Database Migration Services

Software developers and database administrators alike are challenged to maintain or migrate their on-premises databases to a public cloud environment. AWS Database Migration Service provides a simple service that migrates complex schemas from on-premises systems to AWS. The service can also import data from other sources into your AWS database. This allows you to maximize your use of the cloud, improve security and reduce costs.

Server Migration Services

Looking to migrate your on-premises workloads to AWS? Our Server Migration Service (SMS) can help you do just that – quickly and easily. And, our team will manage every stage of the migration process for you, providing 24/7 support along the way.

Enterprise Platform Migration Services

Our enterprise application migration services provide comprehensive, long-term, and reliable migration strategies for large application portfolios to cloud platforms. Our services are scalable for single or multiple applications.

Website Migration Services

Our website migration services provide comprehensive assistance to sites and web applications. We continuously monitor, test, migrate, and back up solutions for companies.

Hybrid Cloud Migration

We provides a hybrid cloud migration that optimizes your assets. Your business gets the most out of an agile unified approach to building applications that work both on-premise and in the cloud.


AWS Data Migration Type Options

Database migration is a complex and time-consuming process. Migrating data from one database to another can be very challenging because of the wide variety of different databases, database types, schemas, constraints, and other elements that make them unique. All these impact your operations and hit your brand. With SMI AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), you can find the best solution for your changing business needs.

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