Our AI & ML Services


From user records and transaction logs to geospatial data and social media postings, our machine learning solutions choose through fragmented data to find trends and patterns. Our cognitive insights solve complicated business problems in an efficient manner


Being a leading machine learning company, SMI increases customer-facing web & mobile applications. Cognitive assistants address the customers’ incoming requests and questions on product choices and stock accessibility, billing and account interactions, tech support, escalating to human operators if necessary.


Our machine learning solutions will help in automating business processes on different levels, from complicated trade-offs and decision making about the resources to regular tasks like e-mail sending and form filling.


Using analytical and statistical techniques, our machine learning company develops algorithms that analyze plenty of raw data sources to discover meaningful correlations & patterns, and support decision-making of businesses of all sizes.


The specialists at our machine learning company deliver the most advanced solutions that obtain semantic information entities, ideas, keywords, relations, and emotions—from human speech and language on social media, and web applications


The machine-learning team of SMI builds effective bots that perform regular rules-based tasks through the user interface, mimicking human interaction with a software application and allowing you to focus on high-level tasks.

Our Latest AI & ML Projects

License Plate Recognition

LPR refers to the use of Computer vision and Machine Learning techniques to read the characters present in license plates of vehicles. An important requirement of recognition is to convert the characters present in the license plate of the vehicle in the image or a video frame to plain text and perform Analysis & Analytics.

Welding Quality Monitoring

WQM Monitor the power consumed by the welding machine using various sensors. It Manages the heat dissipated from sensors as it reads the high level of voltage & current. More Real-time analytics for high fast automated production units.


Technology that transforms the way businesses handle document processing. DOCBOT is based on AI, ML, OCR technologies and its high-powered image processing algorithms enable high-accurate text recognition.