Bills Management

See what bills are due and pay them on time.

Schedule Paymentse

Make batch payments and schedule them in advance.

OCR Data Extraction

Automatically capture, read, validate and approve invoices

Automate your invoices with Bautomate

  • Receive
  • Extract
  • Process

Manage invoices from various sources including email, forms, ERP, or APIs. The invoice format can be PDF or scanned images with ordered or unordered layouts

With AI-powered intelligent extraction of invoices and DMS (Document Management System), data extraction and document classification are automated. Through integrated machine learning, the system keeps improving.

A streamlined approval workflow, automated error checking, three-way matching, audit tracking, and reminders are used to process invoices properly.

Salient Features

  • Invoice Data Extraction
  • Scan For Errors
  • Approval Routing Workflow
  • Automatic Reminder
  • Scan Invoice Duplication
  • Auto Content Validation
  • Two/Three-Way Matching
  • ERP / System Integration

Involves extracting relevant data from invoices such as invoice number, amount, name, etc using OCR technology and the data is matched with the PO or receipts to initiate payments.

Invoice payment automation can automatically make payments, check for errors, and allow manual changes to the system if necessary. Using this approach, you can automate while maintaining a high level of control.

Bautomate’s automatic reminder to approvers feature lets you automate signing requests that combine human decision-making. With this feature, an approval request is notified to approvers, who can review and approve.

Bautomate approvals feature lets you automate sign-off requests and combine human decision-making. An approval request is notified to approvers, who can review and approve.

Multiple factors can cause duplicate invoices, such as human error and complicated internal business processes. With Bautomate Invoice Automation, vendors receive faster invoice processing with fewer touchpoints, fewer errors, and more early payment discounts.

Content validation involves checking its accuracy and quality before importing or processing it. By validating, it aims to ensure that your data is accurate and consistent. By automating  processes, enterprises can save costs and increase efficiency.

With Bautomate, you can automate the invoice process seamlessly according to your industry’s specific needs. Invoice automation works with all aspects of workflow, including two/three-way matching, while keeping humans involved in approval and decline decisions.

Companies in all industries can seamlessly integrate their automated invoice processing tool to any ERPs such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and more.

AI-Powered Dashboard

Verify invoices based on established rules, receive and review invoices. Automate approval workflows, perform 3-way matching, process PO invoices, and manage only by exception.

Real-time Spend Visibility

Custom Dashboards with Line-Level Breakdown

Export Reports

Intelligent Bautomate Process

Retrieve Documents

Approval Routing

Document Extraction


Machine Learning

Transfer Data

2/3-way Matching