Cloud Migration Solutions

SMI helps clients build secure, repeatable, and scalable cloud environments. Many of our clients start with an end-to-end managed IT Portfolio for infrastructure and apps. To facilitate migration sequencing and wave group derivation, we present a thorough dependency mapping. With the aid of our services, you can easily migrate from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud and create solutions that are appropriate for your company’s requirements.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration requires careful planning, testing, and execution, and it’s important to work with experts who have experience in cloud migration. There are different approaches to cloud migration, including lift and shift, re-architecting, and refactoring, and the best approach depends on the organization’s specific requirements and goals. Techmango team will study and come up with a better plan for the implementation.

Cloud Migration

We worked on several AWS and other cloud migrations from on-premise. Our architects can assist in choosing the best approach and the cloud platform.

Data Migration

Lift and Shift your data from on-prem and other sources to the cloud platform. We handled huge volumes of data migrations along with change data capture (CDC).

Technology Migration

Our team can re-architecture your legacy system using modern tools and technologies while migrating to the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Migration


Cloud computing platforms allow organizations to scale up or down their resources as needed, which can help reduce costs and improve performance.


Cloud platforms provide a flexible environment for hosting applications and data, which can help organizations quickly adapt to changing business needs.

Cost Savings

Cloud platforms often offer cost savings compared to traditional on-premises systems, as organizations only pay for the resources they use.

Improved Security

Cloud platforms often have built-in security features and compliance certifications, which can help organizations better protect their data.

Access To Advanced Technologies

By migrating to a cloud platform, organizations can gain access to advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, that are not available on-premises.

Our Cloud Migration Services Process

Our process flow guarantees the quick and successful migration of applications and data to the cloud environment of your choice with the least amount of disruption to company operations by utilizing our evaluation and roadmap process.


Cloud Migration Solutions

Migrations to the cloud are difficult processes that do not have a universal solution. SMI expertise team creates a full roadmap for your cloud journey after thoroughly analysing your current readiness for operating in the cloud using cutting-edge tools and our experience with large-scale cloud migrations. In order to deliver large-scale migration utilising automated technologies, we rely on our tested cloud migration tools which allows us to drastically cut the amount of time it takes to migrate and to secure any migration endeavour.