Staffing Solutions

SMI understands that Technology & People play an integral role in the potential transformation of a business. We believe that a company’s strategy is being formed with the strength of its human resources who contribute to Technology which are in high demand in the market. 

We understand the need of the organizations to fulfill their demands we handpicked the candidates from reputed colleges and train them in our customised training program and place them in our internal project to provide real time experience. They monitored and assessed in many ways in periodic intervals and the assessment results tracked. Organizations can screen and pick the resources on contract basis.

Our Hiring Intelligence platform is transforming the way companies desires to have the resources. We develop the skills of the candidate with highly effective training model with highly talented trainers. The resources will have the class room training and hands on training and communication training. Spread of the training program is designed on Technical , Analytical, Design, decision making and Communication.