Business Intelligence

SMI Technologies have a team of highly dedicated and skillful experts who understand the business goal, strategic plan, market trends, and etc. and help the organization in transforming the strategic objectives of the business into Business Intelligence.

We help in converting the collected reports and ideas into an actionable form that improves the organization’s performance by utilizing scalable and automatic tools. Our offerings with Business Intelligence include consulting and development of the services that help the clients in defining the business strategy and solution architecture.

Enterprise Applications

In today’s competitive business environment, application crash or sudden downtime can disappoint customers and destroy your bottom line. As budgets shrink and application environments grow more complicated, it pays to have an experienced IT partner.

SMI Technologies enterprise application services are custom applications to fit your IT environment and business desires and our on-demand services offer a complete view of your applications, including a scalability assessment, portfolio analysis, and sourcing strategies. We created the processes, organize groups and frameworks for application management, assess existing processes and determine gaps, and deliver reports on every application’s contributions to your overall strategy.

Micro Service Architecture Solutions
Machine Learning
Tiered application Development
Highly scalable solutions
Service oriented development
EAI and ERP integration

Enterprise Integration Services

SMI Technologies offers custom-built solutions that meet the growing demands of present-day users.

With us, you get good enterprise system integration that allows the creation of well-defined APIs providing secure access to your services, regardless of the service implementation.

Our tested repetitive approach helps together with our users so delivering the most strategic software solutions out there.

Data Analytics

We understand the significance of data. But having the data alone isn’t enough. We understand the necessity to turn the data into intelligence and actionable insight the business can perform upon.

Big data unlocks hidden opportunities and insights. At SMI Technologies, we turn technology into business results by delivering information management, business intelligence, and analytic solutions all under one roof.

DevOps Solutions & Consulting Services

DevOps is a culture that puts development and IT operations together. This method enhances IT service delivery with both teams working together for continuous development, testing, suggestions, and deployments.

Companies want to have a balance between conflicting concerns of swift releases and stable systems. DevOps is a philosophy to meet these two conflicting priorities and achieve more synergy between groups and create an outstanding outcome.

Employing this philosophy shifts our mind-set regarding our separate roles and responsibilities, provides a harmonious in-team connection and makes the end-result more worthwhile. With five years of industry presence across multiple verticals, SMI Technologies is well-positioned to offer tailored solutions to all our customers.

Quality Management & Testing

SMI Technologies provides flawless testing services for enterprises and ISVs across the globe. We support you to get more out of your testing efforts, faster time to market for your next-gen products or mobile apps with excellent quality.

Skillful test engineers are an integral part of each project we work on to ensure the deliverables meet the effective quality standards.

We also leverage our QA talent pool to provide prominent testing services using custom-tailored dedicated QA teams. A dedicated team reports directly to the client, and works individually on a single project, closely collaborating with the clients.

This strategy has proven very effective for mid and long-term projects that need ultimate resource scalability and product knowledge.