Touchless invoicing process

Built-in approvals and payment schedules

Built-in compliance

Makes the process fully transparent

Send payments in few clicks

Accurate bulk payments with integrated rules

Standout Capabilities

  • Invoice Capturing
  • Invoice Data Extraction
  • Easy Invoice Search
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Duplicate Invoice Detection
  • Intelligent OCR Validation
  • Approval Workflow

Automate your invoice data capture process in any format using AI and ML technologies namely OCR. With invoice capture, the employees scan invoices as they arrive. It helps control spending and reduce paperwork.

Extract the captured data using OCR from physical documents so it can be imported directly into the account payable system eliminating double entry and reducing human error.

Any invoices stored in the system can be easily identified as it gives complete control over invoices and related data. Finance staff and approvers take advantage of simple and advanced features to obtain the exact information required.

Payment reminders and invoices are sent in advance to ensure the suppliers receive the payments on time without delay. Apart from sending reminders to the clients for the payment due, automatic reminders help clear invoicing errors.

AP department is automated to ensure that all invoices are sent to a single location, to prevent the invoices from being duplicated. Duplicate invoices are automatically detected in accordance with the different attributes of the invoice such as the invoice number, bank account, date and amount.

With the power of OCR, the invoice is captured and the data is extracted for further processing. It recognizes the machine printed checklist forms by converting data into digital format.

Approval invoices are sent automatically via email, ensuring accuracy and legitimacy. Digitising invoice approvals and reminders cuts down the extra hurdles, streamlining the workflow for the AP team to process payments more quickly.

Major Pain Points in the Accounts Payable Process

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